Monday 24 January 2011

Religious Life ~ A Vision

“Religious are to be marginal by choice, but that marginality is in the service of prophecy not escapism. From the edges of the system there is a view of what the system does to those who are excluded, to those who are made means to other people’s ends. If contemplation fosters immediacy to God, marginality fosters immediacy to the oppressed. The Religious wants to be where the cry of the poor meets the ear of God. To feel the pathos of God is not a warm and comfortable religious experience; it is an experience of the howling in the wilderness driving one to protest. Marginality is not a safe haven from the complexities of modern life but freely chosen solidarity with those who are excluded against their will. Immediacy to the marginalised poor is the compliment to immediacy with God in the prophetic dynamic.”
Sandra M Schneiders IHM., Finding the Treasure

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