Thursday 6 January 2011

A rain drenched morning

Sitting in my room and watching the rain weave pathways down the diamond shaped windows, and I am in a ponderous mood. I need some words to sit with and stir me. A quick dash to the book shelves and this leapt out. Enjoy!


God, I come before you
as empty as a paper cup,
waiting to be filled
with the wine of your presence,
Somewhere back along the road a bit,
I dropped all those things
I was going to offer you,
the doing, the giving, the praying.
I'll pick them up again later,
but right now,
it's just you and me, God,
and there's not much of me.
It's a good feeling
to be this empty, this open
to the amazing stillness of you,
not knowing how to name you
or the life you pour into me.

God, right now I feel so small
and yet so vast.
I can't say where I end
and you begin.

Joy Cowley from the book 'Psalms from Down under'

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