Sunday 12 June 2016

Despite a cool and damp day the Knights of Saint Columba gathered at the Friars for their annual Mass and ceremony of bestowal of full Knighthood on over 50 candidates by the Supreme Knight, Bro. Charles McCluskey.  This is always an enjoyable occasion and gives the knights from throughout the Southern Provinces along with their families a chance to meet together .  A special part of this years pilgrimage was to mark the Golden Jubilee of their Ministry here at The Friars.  It is difficult to imagine our major events without the stewarding of the Knights of Saint Columba and it is to be hoped that they will continue as long as is possible.  Mass was presided over by Fr. Innocent Abonyi who is the Chaplain to the Southwark Province of the KSC and was celebrated on the main shrine despite the rain.  But even this rain was only a drizzle as Our Blessed Lady laid her mantel over the shrine.  In the afternoon the whole pilgrimage group gathered together for a procession around the Rosary Way followed by Benediction.  As people began to leave it was obvious that they all, both young and old, had enjoyed the day.
After a longer pause the Aylesford Blog has been revived and it is hoped that there will now be regular posts.  Topics will include events at The Friars, Saint Days and anything else of interest to our readers.  If you follow the blog already then please continue and maybe pass our link onto those of your friends you feel may be interested in the Blog. It would be great with your help to build up our list of followers. 
May Our Lady of the Assumption protect and guide you.