Monday 6 August 2012


Towards the end of the Caribbean Pilgrimage yesterday those near the pond could have heard a loud cracking noise followed by a massive rustling of leaves as a large branch form one of the trees on the bank of the pond fell down.  The Black Poplar trees apparently have a danger, after any period of drought which weakens the branch joints, of losing those branches.  Steve Hayden, the Estates Manager, estimated that it may be as much as two tons of wood which fell yesterday.  Luckily no one was near the tree and now it just remains to move and saw up the branch and see if any damage has been done to the pond bank.  All part of the exciting life or Aylesford Priory


Despite the torrential rain at the beginning of the gathering of pilgrims for this annual event the happy and friendly atmosphere was not dampened.  With music and singing to warm up their spirits the pilgrims from the various Caribbean communities from the South East were soon in celebratory mood and as the sun broke through this helped turn the day into a joyous and uplifting occasion.  Bishop John Hine presided at the Pilgrimage Mass and mentioned that we should  should be clear "why we are here" as Jesus asked those who had followed him after they had been fed.  "I am the Bread of Life" we tells them.  Important  as the celebration of the Eucharist together is we also need to remember that the "Bread /Body" of Christ we receive also brings a commitment to the "Life"; a life of following and striving to be more Christ-like, not just on Sundays but during the whole week.
After Bishop John had lunched with the pilgrims in the Prior's Hall he then joined in the Rosary Procession and presided at Benediction.  
Everyone left with raised spirits and a smile on their faces which make the journey worthwhile.

Sunday 5 August 2012

Vintange Motor Cycle Show.

A Rudge bike form the late 1940s; an English bike with its owner

An old Indian bike, an American brand that was one of the largest in the USA, with its owner.
Over this last weekend the top field at The Friars Add captionhas been filled stands and displays of motorcycles from the earliest dated 1919 right up to present day bikes.  I didn't realise they come in so many different sizes and shapes.  Walking around the field today on their Public Day I was surprised how chatty they were and how pleased everyone was to be at the Friars.  As one many said "I go to lots of shows but this is always the best and in such a great place".  It's good to hear when people enjoy being here.  A number of them were at the 10.15 Mass this morning so it's not just a showground for them.  They all looked forward to coming back next time.  Here are a few pictures of some of the bikes including me in a sidecare on the timed obstacle course

One of the puppies in training for a career as a dog who will accompany his carer as they move around the town enabling them to increase their mobility and Independence.  The Guide Dog Society is the Motor Cycle Club's chosen charity this year and money from this show will go towards the running costs of the Society