Tuesday 4 January 2011

Our Christmas Cribs

Creative Carmel is in evidence at Aylesford. This year many have created images of the Nativity scene to help us in our wonder at the events of the Incarnation. Our community room is a place that is both a sitting room and a link to parts of the friary. Br Torsten and Br Tiago created a very simple scene for the friars and our guests to ponder over.

Community Room

In the winter months the community gather for the liturgy in the Cloister Chapel. It is a warm and cosy space that can sit around 30 people. Beth Obbard created a simple scene in the chapel.

Cloister Chapel

Cloister Chapel

The main crib is always in the Chapel of St Anne, just to the right of the High Altar at the Main Shrine. Our sacristan, Mark and his family put this crib scene together to delight our many visitors.
St Anne's Chapel
 As the season of Christmas comes to a close, may we always delight in a God who is both with us and for us.

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