Wednesday 10 August 2011

WYD Preparation 3 days to go!

The days are swiftly passing as the Carmelite pilgrims prepare to begin our World Youth Day pilgrimage. We will gather on Saturday evening in our Walworth community to form as a group and to get to know each other better. Sunday morning we will celebrate Mass with the parish community and then head of to the airport for our flight. By Sunday evening we shall be claiming our floor space (literally) in the Cabrini school that is providing us with accomodation.

Yesterday Fr Damian collected the 'T' shirts that the British Carmelite pilgrims will wear for the Carmelite family day on the 17th August. The biblical verse 1Kings 18:15 is the statement of the prophet Elijah -  'God lives in whose presence I stand.'

The scallop shell is the symbol of the pilgrim in Spain. The Carmelite shield is at its centre.

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