Tuesday 2 August 2011

Preparing for World Youth Day.

Next week Fr Damian, Bro Neil, Bro Paul, together with 6 young people will head of for the World Youth Day with the Holy Father in Madrid. Preparations are ongoing. All the pilgrims have received their flight details and gathering point. The 'T' shirts that will be worn by the group are being printed, euro's ordered and sun screan (for Damian's bald head) has been purchased. Another element has been added to the preparations at the last minute. Now we are sponsoring a newspaper that will be distributed to pilgrims in Madrid. Members of the community are now hard at work writing editorials for the paper and preparing a large publicity image for the last page of the paper. This is a great opportunity to spead the word among young people about the vitality and joy of the Catmelite way. Please keep us all in your prayers during our preparations.

Blessed Titus Brandsma, who feast we celebrated last week, was a chaplain to journalists, so we place this work under his inspiration. Blessed Titus, Pray for us!

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