Wednesday 1 June 2011

Thought for the day

                        Souls are like wax waiting for seal.
The wax that has melted in God’s will
can easily receive the stamp of its identity,
the truth of what it was meant to be.
But the wax that is hard and dry and brittle
and without love
will not take the seal:
for the seal, descending upon it,
grinds it to a powder.
Therefore if you spend your life
trying to escape from the heat of the fire
that is meant to soften and prepare you to become your true self
and if you try to keep your substance from melting in the fire -
as if your true identity were to be hard wax –
the seal will fall upon you at last and crush you.
You will not be able to take your own true name and countenance,
and you will be destroyed by the event that was meant to be your fulfilment.
Thomas Merton

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