Friday 17 June 2011

Father's Day

Chris Cassidy, Fr Damian's Dad

This Sunday we hold our Summer Fayre and everyone (including the Blogger) will be very busy around the place.Sunday is also Father's Day. A day when we take some time to appreciate those who 'father' us in so many life giving and creative ways. So it seems appropriate to prepare to ponder fatherhood and its many gifts. I have recently come across the writings of the New Zealand author, Joy Crowley. Here is Joy's wonderful tribute to Dads.

Dads. Joy Cowley
We thank God for Dads,
for their loving,
for their gentleness,
for the way they unwrap the world
as a gift for their children,
for their understanding
of jokes and laughter
and quarrels and tears,
for their fatherly example
and for the times
they also need to be Mums.

We thank God for Dads
who can be as young
as their little ones,
who can listen,
who can ask questions,
who can talk about feelings
who can claim failure
as well as success
on the path of celebration,
who can show their children
how to find the goodness of God
in themselves and in others.

We thank God for Dads
whose sons grow up knowing
that being a father
is one of the two best ideas
God ever invented.

May God bless all those who father us.

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