Sunday 28 August 2016

Kerala Catholic Chalaincy Pilgrimage, 28 August

Today the Friars, Aylesford again resounded with the sound of music and singing as the Kerala Catholic Chaplaincy gathered for their annual pilgrimage.  As the people gathered the piazza became a se of bright colours and joyful faces.  Adults and children had all brought their happiness with them to this day and  as the 10.15 Mass ended there were already a large number of people were waiting to welcome Bishop Christudas, the new auxiliary in the Archdiocese of Trivandrum, Kerala, who then led the gathering service and celebrated the Mass with the pilgrims.  Following a procession around the Rosary Way with the statue of Our Lady carried aloft and reverenced with music and bells there was Benediction and then a closing liturgy before leaving for home.  It was good to see the Kerala pilgrims again and we look forward to a return visit.


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