Friday 11 April 2014

Born For This

The Relic Chapel at the Friars was full on Saturday 5th April as young people and adults, children and parents, friars and visitors gathered to see and listen to the Stations of the Cross being presented by a group of school students and members of the Southward Catholic Youth Services.  The dramatic presentation followed the traditional way of the cross from the interview with Pontius Pilate to the crucifixion and was part of the outreach work which is a part of the ministry of The Friars, Aylesford especially with the SCYS team at St Vincent's in Whitstable.  All the major characters in the stations were played by young men and women aged and they took there roles very much to their hearts sing and acting in a very real but also prayerful way and the ever present cross which was carried, dragged around the chapel underlined that this was a journey and not a concert.  Everyone was invited to enter into this journey and after the stations all the participants left the chapel in silence obviously reflecting on what they had experienced.  Born For This was also present on Sunday 6th in St Georges Cathedral, Southwark

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