Monday 28 October 2013

St Jude, Apostle

Jude, one of the twelve Apostles, sometimes called Judas is often shown in icons with a flame on his head representing his presence at Pentecost and the reception of the Holy Spirit.  His two main attributes are a long club and holding a golden medallion with an image of Christ on it.  Occasionally he is depicted with a book or a carpenter's rule. 

The UK National Shrine for St Jude
 is in Faversham, Kent and over the weekend closest to his feast there are pilgrimages to honour him and venerate the relic reserved in the shrine.  The Shrine has been totally renovated following a major fire and now has a number of modern icons of Carmelite saints to mark the connection of the Shrine and the Carmelite Order. 
A tradition has Jude being invoked as a saint for lost causes.


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