Sunday 21 July 2013

Farmers Market, Aylesford.

The Friars hosted the first of a number of monthly Farmers Markets today.  Offering quality local produce a large number of stall holders opened from 9 am to the public and not much later both the car parks were full with visitors.  Walking around the different stalls it was impressive to see the wide range of produce available, all locally made although ingredients often came from farther afield.  There were exotic burgers, beautiful cupcakes, a wide range of breads, pastries with a variety of fillings as well as a cheese stall and of course our own Friars cakes.  

There was also a cookery demonstration with Petrus Madutlela from the Hengist Restaurant in Aylesford. 

 Asked whether they enjoyed themselves everyone said that it was a 'lovely location', a 'peaceful experience' and 'they would be back next month.  The stall holders were also enthusiastic about the results and the atmosphere here at The Friars and they would be bringing their stalls back next month.  As the sun began to shine so the people seemed to enjoy themselves more and more with an almost carnival atmosphere.
Everyone left with bags of produce and said 'see you next month' as they headed off to their cars and returned home having had a thoroughly enjoyable experience and great sense of hospitality.

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