Saturday 28 July 2012


The opening ceremony started with a idealistic view of Pastoral England, a golden age with Fields and tread, fluffy clouds and animals and "rustics" dotted all over the central arena. 
 However, this soon began to change as fields disappeared and trees were uprooted and then slowly tall smoking chimneys rose up creating and industrial landscape to the sound of hundreds of beating drums and the words of Jerusalem.  
But out of this dark image the five rings of the Olympic Games were forged and rose up to dominate the skyline above the stadium.  
Another highpoint of the ceremony was the section dedicated to the work of the NHS and this was also a chance to underline the work with children as they paid homage to British children's literature with of course J,K,Rowland's great wizard Voldemort being vanquished, not my Harry but by an massed army of Mary Poppins complete with umbrella and carpet bag.
A demonstration of British Humour was demonstrated by a parody of the James Bond stories with 007 collecting Her Majesty in a helicopter, leaving the whimpering corgis on the steps of the palace and fly her to the Olympic arena  Here she jumped out of the aircraft with Daniel Craig to parachute down to the turf.  Of course she survived top appear a few minutes later in the royal box.  Mr Bean(Rowan Atkinson) also used his inimitable mime talents to lighten up the LSO recital conducted by Sir Simon Rattle and also his appearance as a runner in the Chariots of Fire.
Of course there were also all the athletes and their spectacular
 march into the arena and the lighting of the Olympic Cauldron.
Mary Poppins vs Voldemort
The NHS caring for the Nation

 All in all a breathtaking opening ceremony which was personally 
The Five Rings soar in the arena
British and didn't attempt to outdo any of its predecessors.  An opening to a games which promises to be a coming together of Nations and people, athletes and visitors which showed us many vales we hold dear: Joy, Light,  Music, People and Tradition; all values which we as Carmelites can embrace.

Light pouring from the newly forged rings

 Her Majesty the Queen escorted by Agent 007

A best kept secret:  the Olympic Cauldron 2012

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