Saturday 16 June 2012

Summer Fayre

The Summer Fayre

Aylesford always gets busier as we move into the summer. We have had lots of school children and many adult groups that come for retreats or tours of place or to have a conference. Many individuals and families come also perhaps to say a prayer or to walk around the grounds and the chapels and experience the peace. We say that Aylesford is a prayer in stone; many people mention experiencing a profound sense of peace when they come here. We are close to London and many come from the big city just to breathe some different air. Other people visit our great new restaurant in the Pilgrims Hall. It is a beautiful setting to have a relaxing meal. 

This evening we will have a concert by the Salvation Army and we are hoping for a good crowd of people. It looks like there will be no rain so a good evening is in store.

As I write, we are preparing for our annual Summer Fayre on Sunday 17th June. This is our big fund raiser and we are very much hoping for some decent weather so that lots of people come. We want them to enjoy themselves of course but we would like them to spend some money too. Without a really good Fayre our tight belts will have to become tighter still! It will not have escaped your attention that the Olympics will be starting next month in London. Our Summer Fayre has an Olympic theme. It is also Father’s Day so we are putting on an alternative Olympics for dads. So come along and show us what you can do! A lot of fun is on the cards. Aylesford is a place of peace but perhaps not during the Fayre!

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