Saturday 28 April 2012

To whom shall we go ...

During the week we have met the great figures of Peter and Paul in the readings of the Mass as we hear of the disciples of Jesus moving out of Jerusalem to take the word of God to every part of the earth. The Church has always had problems because it is made up of human beings. The stories about the first disciples of Jesus in the Acts of the Apostles in the New Testament show a time of great expansion but also of difficulty. The strength of the Church, what keeps us all together, is the presence of the Spirit of Jesus, who encourages us and reminds us of the message of Jesus.

We also have the sacraments, which are signs of Christ’s continuing presence in the Church. Over the past few days at Mass we have heard Jesus talk about himself as the bread from heaven. He declared that his flesh was real food and his blood was real drink and that whoever did not eat his flesh and drink his blood did not have life in them. Some of his followers could not take what he was saying, so they left him. He did not call them back and tell them that he was only kidding! Instead he went to his closest followers and gave them the opportunity also to go away. Peter spoke up for the others when he said to Jesus, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.”

We receive Christ’s body and blood at Mass. In this way Christ shares his eternal life with us. In Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus declares himself to be the Good Shepherd. If we listen to his voice, we will not go wrong.

Volunteers preparing the Peace Garden

The Peace Garden taking shape

We are going to have the solemn opening of the Peace Garden. It is going to be opened by Tom Hart Dyke, a well known television presenter and contributor. He was captured while on a plant seeking expedition in Colombia and during his time of captivity, he planned out in his head the World Garden at Lullingstone Castle in Kent. There have been very many benefactors and volunteers who have made the peace garden possible. When you have a change, why don’t you come along to experience some peace.?

The Peace Garden. April 2012

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