Wednesday 21 December 2011

Newman College School Mission - Some student feedback

On Monday, Martin O'Brien, Clare O'Brien and Fr Damian led a staff inset day for the faculty of Newman College. The aim of the day was to ensure that  the energy and focus of the mission was bulit upon in the cominig months and to evaluate the input, liturgies and workshops. Overall, the mission was considered a success as some of the following comments from students demonstrate.

“Thank you for giving up your time to give us a once in a lifetime experience. This week helped us to gain a better and stronger relationship with God. This week has opened our eyes to see how God affects and guides us on a clear path into our future lives. During the week, we had the opportunity to have the sacrament of reconciliation. This helped us Catholics and non-Catholics to confess our sins to priests and God forgive us for what we have done. We gives thanks to every member that took part in one of the most helpful weeks in the history of Newman Catholic College.” Year 11 student

“Thank you for your generosity towards us and for helping us understand the importance of life. We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!” Year 7 student

“It has been a great pleasure for you to come to Newman College. You have shown us some fantastic plays and brought in amazing people like Fr Cyril Axelrod and Barry and Margaret Mizen. Throughout the whole week you brought faith, happiness and we all experienced different emotions.” Year 7 student

“We would like to thank you for the impressive, meaningful mission week you have set up for us. Whilst in form class, each student of 9 Benedict recited what they learnt and discussed it. I did not recall anyone with a negative point. The time you all must have put in to prepare such a wonderful experience for us we will never know! These five days we have spent with you will truly be in our hearts and not be forgotten. We learnt about God! We learnt that God is always there for us and that prayer is not just a fairytale, prayer works, depending on what we are praying for. This was probably one of our best moments, especially at a time where our faith is not as influential as before.”  Year 9 student

“This week we have learnt a lot about God and how much he loves everyone of us no matter what religion we are or if we’ve done anything wrong in life. The mission week was absolutely the best school week any of us have ever had. No doubt about that!”  Year 10 student

“On behalf of Year 9, we would like to thank you for all of the hard work you have put in to make this week successful. The best parts were the acting by Stephen and Sarah, the singing by Edwin and the reconciliation service. The overall best was the talk by Barry and Margaret Mizen which taught students a valuable lesson.” Year 9 student

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