Sunday 20 November 2011

Solemnity of Christ the King

Behold, the Christ

Just a little, of It was easy to see You

in holy faces, holy places,

God made flesh in a mother’s voice

or in the gentle hands of a nurse,

or the smile of a grandfather

or the laughter of small children.

Every presence of love and beauty

proclaimed your advent.

I needed eyes sharpened by suffering

before I was able to see You

in the pain of human poverty.

The man who stared at a prison ceiling,

the alcoholic mother, the hungry child,

the old woman who died alone in her flat,

the young victims who grew up

to become abusers themselves,

the people who were in despair

at their inability to make changes,

when I could look at them

through the experience

of my own crucifixions,

I realised they all looked back at me

with your eyes.

It took much longer to see You

in places of affluence and power,

in parliament or at the stock exchange,

at the helm of a luxury yacht

or residing in a summer palace

surrounded by material wealth.

But now I discover that in these places

You have the same eyes as the poor,

the disabled, the imprisoned,

the same eyes as the grandfather,

the children, the hospital nurse,

the same eyes that I see

each morning in the mirror.

And I begin to understand a little,

Just a little,  of the truth

of who You are.

Psalms for the Road – Joy Cowley

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