Tuesday 12 July 2011

Gifts of people with all Abilities

This weekend was a time of celebration here at Aylesford. Br. Neil renewed his vows for another year at the end of the retreat for our friars who are preparing for ministry. Br Mike Brookes of the Faversham community also renewed his vows.

On Sunday, the sun was shining, in spite of the weather forecast and we had a lovely gathering of young and old from across the diocese. We were glad to welcome Archbidhop Peter Smith for the day, and as ever, he was in fine form and humour. Joy was the hallmark of the day as the following pictures show

The Pilgrimage Banner - watch out for the transformation!


Making a joyful noise!

Organising the procession

Archbishop Peter

The drama of the Gospel unfolds ...

A riot of colour in St Joseph's Chapel
Transformation complete!

On Sunday evening the community and some of our friends gathered for another joyful celebration. Fr Joseph celebrated his thritieth anniversary of ordination. What a gift Joseph has been to the Carmelite Order and to the Church. He is a much loved member of the community here. Also celebrating a significant date was Br. Paul who hoped to be getting his bus pass for his birthday but recent legislation has delayed that for now. Paul can be quite camera shy - but I will try and find an image of him and put it up on his actual birthday. Great fun was had by all as we played boules and ate and drank in our private river garden. Thankfully our brothers regularly provide an excuse to celebrate and have fun!

Fr Joseph, pondering on how the years have flown!

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