Wednesday 1 December 2010

Advent happenings

Last weekend we had our annual Christmas Craft Fayre. On the Saturday afternoon children from around the diocese told the nativity story through mime, music, dance and theatre. They were helped along by our friends from the Cabrini Society and Southwark Catholic Youth Services. It was a wonderful afternoon and the children were splendid. Joy, pride and tears all around.

The Star of Bethlehem suspended over the Shrine

Bishop Paul Hendricks, surrounded by children and families, braves the cold!

Telling the story

Br Torsten and Br Tiago, wrapped up in some old cloaks against the cold. Fr Paul Saleh, a Carmelite from Australia, stands to get a better view

Fr Brendan, being ... Fr Brendan

During the weekend went to lead St Joseph's parish in Bromley in a time of retreat. Whilst there he met with Bishop Pat Lynch who had just finished Fr Joseph's book 'Let it be', and was full of praise of its simplicity and wisdom. A hundred or so people from the parish gathered for the retreat. Kent was hit with the promised snow on Tuesday morning and although beautiful, the snow slowed everything down. The return journey from Bromley to Aylesford took Fr Damian 5 hours, much longer than the 40 minutes it took to get there!

Fr Brendan and Fr Joseph have braved the roads to drive north for a conference in Swanwick. Fr Kevin, Br Torsten and Br Tiago have braved the A14 to attend an intercongregational course for novices. We hope they all arrive home safely and with not too many tales of hazardous journeys.

Meanwhile enjoy some of the views of a snowbound Aylesford.

The Main Shrine

The Apple Grove

The Community House

The Shrine Jesse Tree

The Piazza
Fragile Beauty
If you are travelling - be safe and patient. Let us remeber in prayer all those for whom this weather is a tremendous burden and just complicates already difficult circumstances.

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