Sunday 10 October 2010

Clothing of Novices

Yesterday was an important day in the life of our community. Two young men, one from Germany and one from Portugal received the Carmelite habit and began their year and a day that marks the period of the noviciate. Torsten is a novice for the Upper German province and Tiago from the General Commisariat of Portugal. The Rite of Reception of Novices and Clothing in the habit takes place during Evening Prayer. The Aylesford community gathered with friars from Germany, Portugal and our own communities of Walworth, York and Faversham
Torsten and Tiago before Evening Prayer

The Rite begins after the scripture reading. Fr Joseph, the novice director, called each candidate forward

Fr Joseph:  Let Torsten Rolfes and Tiago Casaleiro who are to be received as novices please come forward.

Provincial: Dear brother, what do you seek?

Postulants: Drawn by God's love, I have come here to live the Carmelite way of life. I ask you to teach me to follow Jesus Christ: obedient, chaste and poor. Intsruct me in the way of the Gospel so that observing yout Rule and Constitutions I may live constantly in the presence of God. Guided by the Holy Spirit to serve the Church, may I be one in mind and heart with all the Brothers of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel.

Provincial: God has begun a good work in you. May our mercifula nd loving Father bring it to fulfilment; may the Lord Jesus instruct you, and may the Holy Spirit overwhellm you with the gift of love.

After a brief homily the postulants then receive the habit, a tunic, belt, scapular and capuce (hood). The new novices are welcomed by the other frairs present with a sign of peace and take their place in choir.

The service of evening prayer then concluded with the singing of the Magnificat, intercessions and the blessing.

Back row: Br. Torsten Rolfes, Fr. Joseph Chalmers (Novice Director) Br. Tiago Casaleiro
Front Row: Br Gunther Benker (Formator, Germany) Fr Wilfrid McGreal,(Provincial of the British Province)
 Fr Agostinho Castro (Commisary Provincial, Portugal)

Br Torsten & Br Tiago after receiving the habit
Please keep Torsten and Tiago in your prayers and pray for our community as we journey with them over the coming year. If you would like to know more about the vocation of a Carmelite friar plase follow the link

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